I have some great news.

This X-mas has given us so much to be happy for, Brownie Pup went to his forever home, and his mumma sent me a photo of their X-mas celebrations, i’m sharing it here, our boy LOVES to sleep on the couch, play with Smokie his Indy Sister and EAT LOTS.

Doesn’t he look cute with his X-mas hat sitting with his loving mumma? 🙂


And then.. On X-mas day we played Santa-Paws to all the street doggies, feeding them up with Pedigree and biscuits ( which is a daily affair.. 🙂 ) when we found this lil munchkin who joined our street babies for the evening meal.


Say hello to the newest foster baby, she’s undergoing treatment for some bad skin, gotten de-wormed and will be vaccinated soon. She LOVES to eat and is quite the brat.

Here is proof 😀

Annnd i’ve been waiting for some good news before i post on this, we found an abandoned labrador lying on the road unable to move, after a whole bunch of tests we were relieved there were no broken bones, but she is still unable to move her hind legs and stand up; a possible spinal compression has paralyzed her hind legs.

After days of therapy, she stood..for a whole minute… WE ARE SO SO PROUD OF HER… it will take a while..we are not even sure, but we have so much hope now that she will be able to stand and walk soon.

Here are some photos of our angel



I can’t wait for her to get discharged from the vet clinic and come home 🙂

Merry Christmas and a happy new year y’all 🙂

Hug your animals!!!

Our Superstar

Remember Brownie Pup? our lil champ has been with us for 3 months now survived a bad accident, recovered, fallen ill and recovered yet again…but guess what, he got adopted today!!!

At the adoption drive held in Chetpet, my little baby found his family, they came, they looked at him and it was love at first sight.

A tight hug and this lil fella went home with them, they are already parents to a rescued dog Smokie from a previous adoption drive.

Please wish Brownie Pup and long healthy and very happy life, i miss him dearly, i am so used to opening my mum’s room door and being greeted by this furbaby, my brats miss him even more, they have troubled him, eaten his food, stolen his toys and curled up against him so so many times, but we send him love and happiness and want him to shine ❤

Here is a photo of him taken with his family


Brownie Pup

Remember the post about the hit and run pups? All the babies got adopted, and we took in the pup who had severe brain damage, a broken neck and jaw, he was totally dis-oriented, bleeding from the nose, lost his vision, and was almost succumbing to his injuries.

Guess what, our darling has recovered, fully, 100%. We are SO happy and Proud of him! He has been named Brownie Pup, our lil champ can now eat liquid food, walk around and interact with my brat pack at home 🙂

All thanks goes to our wonderful vet, and the Reiki that Brownie  dear so happily accepted 🙂

We feel blessed!








Have you met Coffee beans?


On my way back home after a lonng day, at the signal we saw a scrawny pup scavenge for food.

Heart wouldn’t allow us to drive away, so we picked up the little bundle, got her home, cleaned her up and gave her a hot meal.

Boy did she love it.

Coffee beans is now for adoption. She loves the company of other dogs and an occasional bird ! 😛

LOVES her food! and hates being alone for long durations!

Toffee , anyone?

Toffee was found roaming in the midst of traffic, wearing a rope around her neck.

She is really really sweet, clearly, belonged to someone before we found her.

She had no one looking for her, so we decided to foster this sweet thing until the adoption drive.

Happy to say she  found her forever

home in the arms of Nayantara and her family and  has settled in well.

Lots of love to you Toffee girl, have a wonderful life ❤





Dobby, my mix breed rescue baby was boarded with a dear friend who runs a homestay for pets, he got attached to Krish, another foster baby, and a week of screening calls and emails later, we found them a home, or so we thought.

Received an email from a lady, extremely interested in adopting Indian pups, she had ALL the right answers, she was patient with my probing, the house visit etc.

So one saturday off we went babies in hand to drop them off to her place.  Everything was good, she had a fair amount of space for the babies to run and play, good food, all the essentials.

Something just bothered me about the whole thing, but i couldn’t figure out what!

We left there, promising to come back soon.

This lady kept in touch with us, posted photo updates on FB, but i still wasn’t satisfied.

On instinct we made a surprise visit the following friday and to my shock and disgust, pups were chained to a door, no water, no food, sleeping on their urine, and Dobby the smaller guy, was starving, hadn’t eaten in days and turned anemic!!

We rushed them out of there, to our vet, who had to treat their skin (dog’s skin gets urine rash when they roll on their pee) and they hungrily ate food and collapsed in our arms.

They are back in their foster home, safe and sound, a bit shaken up, but they are recovering.

I learnt an important lesson, instinct, gut feeling, intuition, whatever you call it, LISTEN TO IT!

I’ve attached a photo of the babies as we found them on the surprise visit.



Its been raining a lot in Chennai.

The weathers wonderful, but i am worried for my babies on the street.

Woke up to frantic phone call yesterday morning about a doggie crying all night in an empty plot, she had fallen into a deep pit and the pit filled up with rain water 😦 she stood there the entire night.

When i got there, they were afraid to pull her out cuz she was aggressive. Needless to say, Wilma (as i have now named her) allowed us to pull her out by grasping her neck , it wasn’t pleasant, but she came out!

Then the lady had a bunch of biscuits and ran off to find her pups. The next challenge being, finding them homes and spaying ol Wilma.

Here are some snaps


Isn’t she pretty? And thats “Friend and Puppy” who are sharing biscuits with her. They stay a little away from my street babies but are always happy to share a meal  🙂

Meet Dobby

Tired and scared, we found a pedigreed pup running on the streets last night, he was chased away by the watchmen of palatial mansions and finally settled to rummage in the community garbage bin when we picked him up.

It was almost 10pm when we got him and he just had to get to safety, there was no way a pup who was once fed and sheltered could survive on the streets. 

He looks like a doberman/ coonhound mix pup and totally terrified of humans.

He hungrily ate the chicken cooked at home for our dogs and slept in bursts, howling whenever i left him alone.

The next adoption drive is at the end of this month, send good thoughts for little Dobby please 🙂

We hope he gets a wonderful home and forgets his past 🙂