Brownie Pup update

Brownie Pup is moving to solid food now.

Our lil bug has started interacting with my brat pack, Coco and Scooty 🙂 They try to impress him and get his attention ALL the time..tee hee ❤

Here is a pic, he has grown, can you tell ? 🙂



Brownie Pup

Remember the post about the hit and run pups? All the babies got adopted, and we took in the pup who had severe brain damage, a broken neck and jaw, he was totally dis-oriented, bleeding from the nose, lost his vision, and was almost succumbing to his injuries.

Guess what, our darling has recovered, fully, 100%. We are SO happy and Proud of him! He has been named Brownie Pup, our lil champ can now eat liquid food, walk around and interact with my brat pack at home 🙂

All thanks goes to our wonderful vet, and the Reiki that Brownie  dear so happily accepted 🙂

We feel blessed!