Have you met Coffee beans?


On my way back home after a lonng day, at the signal we saw a scrawny pup scavenge for food.

Heart wouldn’t allow us to drive away, so we picked up the little bundle, got her home, cleaned her up and gave her a hot meal.

Boy did she love it.

Coffee beans is now for adoption. She loves the company of other dogs and an occasional bird ! 😛

LOVES her food! and hates being alone for long durations!


Its April 6 and i am waaay behind my work!

Should get cracking! Meanwhile, the zoo-ish experience ( as my dad puts it ) is really fun!

Animal lovers should consider fostering a pet in need. The two monsters are happily frolicking around the terrace while my lab dolefully watches. 

and to think a week ago, they were nothing but nobodys on the street.

Ah well, todays a saturday and that means only one thing – UNLIMITED COFFEE ❤

Dont i just need an excuse to go to the mall and dive into endless cups of CBTL 😉 ImageImage

Until next time