Dobby, my mix breed rescue baby was boarded with a dear friend who runs a homestay for pets, he got attached to Krish, another foster baby, and a week of screening calls and emails later, we found them a home, or so we thought.

Received an email from a lady, extremely interested in adopting Indian pups, she had ALL the right answers, she was patient with my probing, the house visit etc.

So one saturday off we went babies in hand to drop them off to her place.  Everything was good, she had a fair amount of space for the babies to run and play, good food, all the essentials.

Something just bothered me about the whole thing, but i couldn’t figure out what!

We left there, promising to come back soon.

This lady kept in touch with us, posted photo updates on FB, but i still wasn’t satisfied.

On instinct we made a surprise visit the following friday and to my shock and disgust, pups were chained to a door, no water, no food, sleeping on their urine, and Dobby the smaller guy, was starving, hadn’t eaten in days and turned anemic!!

We rushed them out of there, to our vet, who had to treat their skin (dog’s skin gets urine rash when they roll on their pee) and they hungrily ate food and collapsed in our arms.

They are back in their foster home, safe and sound, a bit shaken up, but they are recovering.

I learnt an important lesson, instinct, gut feeling, intuition, whatever you call it, LISTEN TO IT!

I’ve attached a photo of the babies as we found them on the surprise visit.