Its been raining a lot in Chennai.

The weathers wonderful, but i am worried for my babies on the street.

Woke up to frantic phone call yesterday morning about a doggie crying all night in an empty plot, she had fallen into a deep pit and the pit filled up with rain water 😦 she stood there the entire night.

When i got there, they were afraid to pull her out cuz she was aggressive. Needless to say, Wilma (as i have now named her) allowed us to pull her out by grasping her neck , it wasn’t pleasant, but she came out!

Then the lady had a bunch of biscuits and ran off to find her pups. The next challenge being, finding them homes and spaying ol Wilma.

Here are some snaps


Isn’t she pretty? And thats “Friend and Puppy” who are sharing biscuits with her. They stay a little away from my street babies but are always happy to share a meal  🙂

April 1

The pups

April saw the coming home of 2 adorable IND puppies.

Both rescued from the ground of “The School – KFI” . Had spotted them a few days ago on a facebook page and had to convince the watchmen that i would be taking care of them ( don’t know what the fuss is about, as he clearly wasn’t caring for them)

A friend from the apartment came along, and we took them to the vets to de-tick and flea the lil baby girls before brining them home.

They know sleep in my covered terrace, and will be up for adoption ONLY after their initial set of vaccines and deworming

Until next time