What do your fur-babies like to eat?

I LOVE cooking for my brats, its a home cooked meal always, unless i am absolutely stressed for time or meat is low in supply.

The brats eat 2 meals a day of boneless chicken, fresh from the butcher ( none of that preservative loaded supermarket junk) , slightly overcooked with rice and vegetables – sweet potatoes, carrots, beans and peas  topped with a pinch of thyme.

For a snack they eat Pupcake treats – a home made treat made in Sasha and Calvin ( the beagles ) fantastic kitchen, ordered via facebook !

and on days when meat is out of supply, they eat Royal canine dry food and they hate it.

What do your furbabies like to eat ? 



2013 its a wrap

2013 is officially over.

But i’ll always remember 2013 for all the special wags and woofs.

It was in 2013 that i mustered up the courage to quit my crappy job.

i fostered Pepper and Button my first two fosters of the year. The adorable Indy sister pups stole our hearts and got a fantastic home with Mr. Iqbal and family.

Then i found little Scooter AKA my Scooty boy. Sitting with a wound on the road, a wee 30 day old baby, tired and hungry.

He didn’t get adopted at the adoption drive, and came home forever 🙂

In came a kitten, one evening, found by the kids in the neighbourhood.

She stayed on for a while until she was healthy enough for adoption.

Kitty June found one of the best homes with other cats at dogs at Ms. Jacobi’s house.

We had Dobby, the coonhound pup thrown out of his house, a bad adoption and some more time at his foster home before he found his forever home with James Aunty , his sister Raisin and Big Bro Olive.

Toffee, a little baby girl running amidst traffic was picked up for a dear animal rescuer, she came home, ate well, got her vaccines and found a home with Mr. Rakesh.

Coffee, 1 month old girl was a sweet lil one we found scavenging for food on the road, she is still in foster care and is 4 months now, loving girl needs a home.

Chloe, the abandoned Lhasa found her family who promised to love her forever and ever.

Brownie Pup , my miracle baby survived hell , a bad adoption and finally the most amazing home with Danny and Sonali and big Sis Smokie.

2013, you have been so blessed.

I faced darkness when i lost Raamnathan, my street baby to severe injuries, Chilli my road rescue to rabies, every story of abuse makes me cry at night, every hungry deprived dog on the streets makes me want to die..

But these happy tails ❤ they keep me going

I will forever be grateful to 2013, for my amazing amazing amazing partner , my amazing BRATS, who love me and hug me even though i spend half my time running behind and worrying for a foster/rescue.