Happiness is a kitten <3

The previous post has a photo of Scooter aka Scooty boy, my rescue baby who didn’t get adopted at the adoption drive.

Happy to say he is officially Brat #2 and chilling at home with Coco

Meanwhile, a tiny calico kitty named June was found in the building, being hit by some cruel kids.

What do parents teach their kids now anyway!!!??! argg!!

So she’s home, had a lil health scare yesterday but alls fine 🙂


7 thoughts on “Happiness is a kitten <3

    • She constantly mews and wants to be picked up and thats when i took this pic. Sometimes the dogs have to snuggle up next to her to keep her quiet.

      She eats WHISKAS kitten dry and wet food and gorges on the pedigree meant for our road dogs.

      She eats well, but has a v v bloated tummy.
      vet suspects gas and indigestion and started her on homeopathy.

      I’m thinking worms (from past experience) so tomorrow she gets de wormed, hoping that does the trick.

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