What may has to offer …


Rest in peace Chilli. I want you to come back to me, but this time you will be born healthy and happy and never face a hungry day in your life.

I love you.

Long time no blog.

Chilli my dear emancipated one suffered tremendously and had to go.

She is in a far better place, with food, plenty of water and rainbows, green grass and tons of company to play with.

Her tired body is now filled with energy like never before, or so i’d imagine.

Found another little guy on the streets with a group of gypsies. He’s been christened Scooter and is happily at home now 🙂

The little guy is a biter and is being loved and spoilt to bits, by my dog and me of course 🙂

He will be up for adoption in a months time. Vaccinated and dewormed already.

Hope your day has been as productive as mine and a post soon on disciplining a dog.